The Undertow

Years ago I met multi-lingual concrete poet Peter Meilleur (Childe Roland) at his home in Llangollen and it had a profound affect on my work. Up until that point I wrote satirical, witty, political slam-style poems. I won the Bangor Poetry Slam in 2008 with a poem called Armchair Anarchy, but the genre was beginning to feel like a straight jacket. I was running out of space to create.


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Sgwad Sgwennu Oriel Wrecsam

The Sgwad Sgwennu Oriel Wrecsam pilot scheme is now complete. 22 children from primary schools across Wrecsam were offered the unique opportunity to attend a series of writing masterclasses with visiting writers from Cymru.

Rhosddu Primary School Sgwad Sgwennu Oriel Wrecsam participants with Wrecsam Arts Team's Learning Developement Officer, Jo Marsh (left) and Project Manager, Sophie McKeand (right)
Rhosddu Primary School participants with Oriel Wrecsam’s Learning Developement Officer, Jo Marsh (left) and Project Manager, Sophie McKeand (right)

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National Theatre Wales’ Mother Courage

Mother Courage and Her Children

by Bertolt Brecht
in a translation by John Willett
Revised by Ed Thomas
Lyrics revised by Dafydd James and Ed Thomas
Director: John E McGrath

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m driving down to Merthyr Tydfil from Wrecsam for the press night of National Theatre Wales’ new adaptation of Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children. I’m doing this partly because I’m determined not to let Wrecsam’s current artistic renaissance make me complacent about travelling to gigs, but also because this adaptation (like many NTW events) is site specific and this is the only chance I’ll get to see this production.

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Hello from Goglife

The current political climate in the UK is depressing. Slightly less so in Cymru and Scotland but I, and a number of friends, are still struggling to come to terms with the 2015 election results. I wanted to do something in response to this, and I foresee marching at various points in the future, but it also got me thinking about life here in Y Gogs, my values and what really matters.

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