On living and working in Y Gogs


I’ve had a number of interesting discussions recently about Welsh art in the context of how it’s perceived by, and in relation to, England. One of the points made was that there are so many artists (across all disciplines) who are well respected in Wales yet nobody has heard of, or is interested in, them outside of Wales. I’ve previously put this down to English myopia or arrogance, especially from London (the same has been said for Cardiff attitudes to north Wales). Continue reading


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Litter collected from today’s ride (with Andy Garside)

I’ve been wary of hurtling down mountains on the bike (an Orange5 Diva Pro) since getting a bit too feisty and badly wrenching my shoulder on the uplift at Cwmdown a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve found the sprint triathlon’s swim, bike, run more appealing – until this month. Continue reading